CX3 Red Key Warning Light

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CX3 Red Key Warning Light

Post by perksy » Sat Jan 18, 2020 8:43 pm


New CX3 owner/member who's been lurking in the background for a while saying just hello

I've been working on cars for 20 plus years now so know my way around an engine bay :)

Also Just wandering if anybody has come across an issue with their CX3 where the red key warning light illuminates?

The car had been stood for a fortnight, The doors unlocked fine and it started straight up
After approx 5 mins the red key warning light illuminated

Replaced both the key fob batteries but no joy

The car is still under manufacturers warranty and the Mazda main dealer is saying it needs a new Drivers door handle assembly
which has to come from Japan and will be approx a month to arrive

Just wandered if anybody else has had a similar problem?

I've found a technical bulletin for this issue, but it seems to affect American spec cars only


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