3rd service issue- a nice one to ponder

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3rd service issue- a nice one to ponder

Post by Dogfuzz » Fri Jan 15, 2021 12:33 pm

My Mazda reaches an intereresting stage in ownership this coming march. It will be 3 years old on 11/3 , finish it's guarantee, due it's third service at a local dealer 5 miles away( the last in the 3 services paid for up front) with an MOT due at the end of the month. This also 80% coincides with a house move to an area that is some distance away from a Mazda dealership. There's more too!....it has only done 3500 miles since march 2020 when it had its 2nd service and with lockdown 3 I am only doing 6 miles a week mileage and as we all know, am being discouraged from being mobile and visiting anything non essential .

The obvious solution is to have my MOT done locally or wherever sometime before end of month (march),wait until I have moved then instruct the dealership in my new location to collect the car, service it and return it . That is if they offer vehicle collection/delivery and are happy to extend the service interval for a month or 3. I'll try and find out if they do.

Another thought--perhaps I should just forget about the idea of the paid for third service in my current location, just have an MOT done--then have a short "3rd" ( oil change essential) service done by a specialist non dealer in my new location-who naturally won't do it for free.Even if I postponed a 3rd service till the summer /early autumn--I doubt if i would have covered more than 5000 miles since march 2020.
I haven't decided anything yet. The vehicle is running fine. The issue is not keeping me awake at night --but what would others do?

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Re: 3rd service issue- a nice one to ponder

Post by fourbanks » Fri Feb 05, 2021 6:31 pm

you should get the dealer do the 3rd service and mot so that you'll be able to extend the Mazda warranty to 10 years should you wish to do so year on year
mucking about with any old mot or service form another dealer could well void the above
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