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Post by Dogfuzz » Mon Jul 12, 2021 2:49 pm

I normally just use a dustpan and brush on the carpets/mats -but yesterday-inspired by the need for a major clean up after ferrying small children in the back--I reverted to a whole vacuum "do" ,front ,rear, fascia, seating and dextrous use of an old hard toothbrush in the area around passenger front and drivers zones and that "very hard to get to bit" behind the wall of the driving seat which had accumulated 4 years of fluff, dirt, 5p pieces, sweet papers etc!
This was followed by a hard rub and shine "pledge polish " of all the visible interior plastics( not steering wheel), an interior window clean -then to cap it all a nice vac of the spare tyre bay and each level of the boot, including hard brushing a pre-extracted parcel shelf.
45 mins hard work-but most satisfying.
A good wax wash with hose is scheduled for later in the week after this rubbish weather has blown away followed by an easy wax polish.

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