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Re: CarPlay finally

Posted: Thu Jan 10, 2019 7:24 am
by Gadgetman
Thanks JT. I'll try removing the CD player first and see if it's of any benefit. If there is going to be a large amount of console trim removal I may well just go down the drill-out route.

I've been using both Waze and Google Maps via Carplay in another vehicle we have and both a million miles better than the Mazda system. I had to visit a building in Reading earlier this week that has been there, with the same address, for a good 10 years. The best the Mazda system could do was point me to the opposite end of the road via postcode, it wouldn't even give me the option of entering a building number, 500, as number 5 was greyed out. I dare say if I'd had a bit more time I could have scrolled around the map and marked the location, but I'd have done that by referring to Google maps on my phone anyway. I ended up running the Mazda nav and Google maps side by side to compare. Set to 'fastest route' with no 'avoid' set the Mazda nav started off showing me a journey time around 30 minutes longer than Google and continually tried to route me off the motorway and around the lanes until I was well over half way there, with the journey times slowly becoming more aligned.

I dare say there is an element of user impatience involved, but Google and Waze are so much simpler to get going with.

Re: CarPlay finally

Posted: Sat Jan 12, 2019 6:23 pm
by Gadgetman
So, all pretty easy. It took about two hours start to finish including the software upgrade time.

I slid out the CD unit which then exposes the top side of the USB hub. You can then use something thin to slide between the fascia and the tabs on the top of the hub to depress them. The top edge can then be eased out and by lifting from the back of the unit and with a bit of firm wiggling it comes out without having to access the bottom tabs.

The screen unit is easy to remove and the cables are easy to route through. Gettting everything back in is a bit more of a challenge as the existing cables are tightly bound and quite stiff so you have to have everything tucked out of the way before sliding everything home, and the new cables are long enough to suit a double decker bus.

Livened up and working nicely so far 😀