Need help with buying used 2018 Mazda cx-3

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Post by LukaszW. » Thu Apr 22, 2021 7:33 pm

I am new here . I am looking for used Mazda CX-3.
I will be grateful if you can tell me something kore about specific model, maybe you have seen this csr and you will save me 1hour of driving.
Also I want to warn you with 2 other cars I checked today.
I lost 6 hours today. Driving, on phone, online chats and lost my car finance approval.
Anyone tested this car? Any scratches? I hope this car is better .itvis Oldham Mazda and they are very very nice and helpful.

Screenshot_20210422-201007_Samsung Internet.jpg

I need more infornation about this car
Ok time for two lemons now I checked today.
I need to warn you about this car. I almost bought it today but decided to check paint and condition. They have high score in google review. Car was involved in some slow speed parking accident and you can see body filler ans scratches from sanding. It is located in Harrogate.





Next one is from Mazda Keighley. Car was ok until you will see a lot of scratches on all body panels . Rear window is so bad you have to buff or replace glass. Scratches on all panels and plastic panel on right side. They want for this £14748 .






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