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Hello Everyone

Car in question is a 2015 Sport Nav with LED Headlights.

Around 4 years ago I had heavy condensation in the NS headlight and 2 years later the DRL started to flicker ultimately dying soon after. Ironically, since then the headlight has not had any condensation build-up!

Driving with one LED strip on and the other off really annoys me. As you probably know Mazda want silly money for a replacement unit, and I hesitate to buy a used unit off eBay (are there ay other sites?) The passenger side units are considerably cheaper for some reason.

My question today; is there a way to disable the remaining DRL – either physically or via software? I have tried the brake/lights/hazard method posted online, but no joy. Also searched this forum, but could not find any info.

Alternatively has anyone successfully repaired the LED fault?

Otherwise, this car has been bulletproof!

Thank you in advance

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Non working LED DRLs (or less than 50% of bulbs in one light working) are an MOT failure.

Personally, I would be looking to obtain a replacement from a breaker or eBay to fix it and stay road legal.

It looks like the headlights are sealed units and the LEDs cannot be replaced separately.

From the CX-3 manual;

Running lights/Position lights (With LED headlights)

The LED bulb cannot be replaced as a single unit because it is an integrated unit.

The LED bulb has to be replaced with the unit. We recommend an Authorised Mazda Repairer when the replacement is necessary.
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