New Connect Firmware 74.00.324A EU N

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cheers fellas
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jtonline wrote: Sat Jul 29, 2023 6:48 pm
st3v3cx-3 wrote: Sat Jul 29, 2023 5:46 pm
For information on the firmware upgrades, your best bet is to contact forum member ASH8

Please note: Depending on your currently installed firmware version it might phenq where to buy be that you MUST install a newer version before you install the new USB unit
Or Private Message to him at Mazda3Revolution forums where he hangs out most of the time e.g.
If you’re a new member on those forums you need to post a couple of simple replies or add some new posts before you can send a Private Message (PM) due to forum setup restrictions.
Thanks for guiding us related to the Private message.
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Thanks for that clarification JT
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just out of curiosity what are the benefits to upgrading from 70.00.100A to 74.00.324A

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Bonjour, est t'il possible d'avoir le firwmare 74 eu ? merci !
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Hi Guys,
Sorry I don't come here very often as I am just too busy over a few other forums, I amended this thread of mine to add in a warning concerning where you get file from.
Yes I still have latest Firmware that I still issue a link for and I do not charge you for these files unlike some operators.
See my first post in this thread.
Latest Genuine Mazda MZD-Connect files are now available for free. You must message me as links will no longer be publicly posted.
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I need the Update file for Europe region. I have a 2016 CX5. Can you please help.
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Hi! New account so can't private message, can you send me the 74.00.324A EU N file too please
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I'd really appreciate a copy too please. (also a new user so can't PM yet)
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