I thought theft was theft !

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Re: I thought theft was theft !

Post by zoylander » Sat Dec 29, 2018 12:01 pm

When David Cameron became prime Minister in 2010 he promised "an end to political correctness". Needless to say this did not happen, but the politicians don't care because they know that most of the electorate have very short memories.

My proposed solution to the crime epidemic is a drastic one which is unlikely ever to be adopted. I think it is wrong to send unarmed policemen and women to face violent criminals, so I would be in favour of arming them, by which I mean all the police all the time. The other emergency services also need help, with attacks on fire and ambulance crews on the increase.

Meanwhile we motorists remain an easy and remunerative target whilst muggings and domestic burglaries go unsolved.
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