Instrument cluster (Tachometer) Screen Flickers and Freezes

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Instrument cluster (Tachometer) Screen Flickers and Freezes

Post by cyanstar » Sat Feb 08, 2020 6:31 pm

Hi All,

I recently purchased a used Mazda CX-3. It wasn't until I was driving the car home that I noticed the display panel with the rev counter/gear/mileage counter, would occasionally flicker - It looks more like it's scrambling rather than turning on and off. It only seems to happen when the road is "rough" rather than bumpy. It doesn't affect any of the other elements in the car, IE the centre screen, the other display panel on the other side of the speedo, or the speedo itself. And everything else in the car works perfectly - iStop for example. The car is set up using the Analog Speedo Type A in the manual: ... 20100.html

Any idea's what I might be? The car is covered under warranty and will be going back late next week, but having an idea on the issue would be handy.
CX-3 1.5D SE-L NAV 2015 - UK

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